Celilo Physical Therapy is an independently owned and operated physical therapy clinic. I am the owner, therapist, and sole employee and have been in business for over 20 years and a PT for over 30 years. When you call, you speak to me. When you come in, you are met by me. Your treatment is done by me.

Because I am a sole-proprietor, I get to spend the time necessary to get to know you and understand your environment and the causes of your pain. Our goal, together, is to get you back to normal functioning and returning you to activities you enjoy.

Keely Keene Linn, MSPT – Owner

Keely Keene Linn MSPT

Hands-On, Movement-Based Treatment Program

I believe in a hands-on, movement-based, treatment program. I take your doctor’s diagnosis and evaluate your condition. With your participation, we develop a treatment plan to restore you to your former abilities. The program will be based on exercise, stretching, manual therapy, and movement, with the intent of relieving the symptoms you have and removing the underlying cause.

Celilo calls back to Celilo Falls which were located on the Columbia River near the Dalles. The Wascos and other Native Americans traded and fished at the falls for thousands of years. In 1855, the Wasco people were relocated to Warm Springs Indian Reservation. In 1957, The Dalles Dam was built and flooded the falls. My own heritage is Wasco and Tlingit Indian.

My family spent our summers on a fire lookout on the reservation. I enjoyed spending time with my great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I remember the joys of being in nature, running, rock hunting, huckleberry picking, playing at the Kah-nee-ta resort, eating my grandmother’s delicious meals including fish and huckleberry pies.

Our Treatments

“Keely has been an incredible resource to me for more than a dozen years. In helping me heal and grow from various injuries and strains, she has effectively combined wisdom and compassion and scientific expertise and personalized caring. Further, she has shown me how to integrate physical therapy exercises and understandings with my longstanding yoga practice. In Keely’s hands, physical therapy becomes a way to do what you want and need to do in your everyday life with greater awareness, confidence, and ease. Also, Keely is a genuine team player with physicians, surgeons, and other health care professionals, and I can tell that they firmly respect her contributions. Last but not least, Keely is so friendly and encouraging! On a 10-point patient-satisfaction scale, I would give Keely a 12.”

Glen Fielding

“I have known and treated with Keely Linn for most of her 25 years in practice. I have been in competitive sports throughout my entire life and suffered nearly every sports injury available…. including a fractured neck, back and sternum. Keely’s significant personal sports history, holistic approach, patience, physical therapy intellect and medical training helped me overcome my injuries and prevent future setbacks. She’s even been to the track with me for sprint training. I would recommend Keely for P.T. of any type of injury.”

Steve Worley

Keely is the BEST physical therapist in the Willamette Valley! I have been seeing Keely for many years on and off for different issues. She always helps to make the issue better, whether it is through massage or showing you different exercises to strengthen the area. She helps get to the root of the problem and then shows you how to correct it. Keely’s knowledge of the body is incredible, thank goodness she choose Salem to practice and that she shares her knowledge. I leave every appointment better than when I arrived. She has a wonderful attitude and an infectious laugh, you can’t be there and be down, she always makes you laugh. You know what they say, Laughter is the best medicine. Your search for a superior PT has just ended! Call her!”

Marianne McNally

“Suffering from an old Achilles injury (you know the ones if you just ignore it, it will go away) that nearly cost me my running dreams within 6 months Keely not only had me running pain free (minimal scar tissue) but on my way to a Boston qualifying marathon, finishing the Boston marathon and completing my 18th Hood to Coast Relay all in my 60’s!!! Her knowledge, patience and her ability to motivate you to be part of the healing process (yes, she gives homework) makes her my go to professional when my body is falling apart! She is the best!”

Peggy (Holstedt) Mizia, 68 and Still Running


Celilo physical therapy is a preferred provider for several health insurance companies. Call your health insurance company and check your physical therapy benefits. Ask them if I (Keely Keene Linn) or my company (Celilo Physical Therapy) is a provider.

I bill your motor vehicle insurance company after automobile accidents. I offer payment options for those who do not have insurance or who do not want to bill their health insurance company.